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A toxic tort is a type of personal injury lawsuit in which the victim alleges that their injury was the result of exposure to a toxic material or chemical. 

In some instances, a toxic tort claim is filed on an individual basis. This means that the lawsuit is filed by a single injured victim against one or several companies allegedly responsible for the injury. Other times, claims are filed by a group of similarly injured victims against one or several companies allegedly responsible for the injuries. These type of claims are commonly referred to as mass tort or class action lawsuits.

These types of personal injury claims typically arise in the following contexts:

In order to show liability, the plaintiff must demonstrate that the substance was dangerous, that he/she was exposed to the substance, and that the he/she sustained injury because of it.

If you feel that you have been injured because of exposure to a toxic material, it is important to have an experienced environmental or toxic tort lawyer in NJ representing you. A seasoned and responsible attorney can help you gather the necessary and pertinent evidence and ensure that you file your claim in a timely manner.

The toxic tort and lead poisoning lawyers at Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer have achieved enormous success and reached record settlements in various types of toxic tort and environmental injury cases. We have the resources and experience needed to effectively represent you if you have been injured from dangerous environmental exposures.

  • Sources of Exposure – The potential for toxic exposure is more common than you think. There are numerous hazardous chemicals on the market that can result in occupational exposure, or even exposure in your own home. Learn more…
  • Types of Injuries – If someone is exposed to hazardous chemicals without proper protection various types of injuries can develop. We have provided some of the more common injuries caused by toxic chemical exposure. Learn more…
  • Air Contamination – There are a number of ways that individuals can be exposed to hazardous chemicals from atmospheric or air contamination. Learn more…
  • Ground Water Contamination – Individuals who use wells risk exposure through ingestion, skin contact or inhalation when ground water is contaminated. Learn more…
  • Soil Contamination – When areas that have contaminated ground water flood, heavy metals and chemicals are deposited on an individual’s property, contaminating the soil. Learn more…
  • Benzene Poisoning – Benzene is a hazardous chemical found in products like rubber, paint and plastics and can be extremely dangerous to anyone exposed, even in small amounts. Learn more…
  • Mercury Poisoning – Mercury is a heavy metal that is highly toxic and can cause serious damage to neurological tissue. The largest sources of mercury contamination are coal-fired power plants. Learn more…
  • Lead Poisoning – Lead poisoning can have devastating effects on children by causing severe neurological damage. Learn more…
  • Compensation – If you have been exposed to or injured by environmental or toxic hazards, you may be eligible to receive compensation. Learn how…

If you or someone you know is suffering from injuries caused by toxic or environmental exposure, you could be eligible to file a claim. Contact our lead poisoning and toxic tort attorneys today by calling 855-800-0093 or fill out our free consultation form to the right.

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